Career Corner: Four Reasons You Need A Mentor -

Career Corner: Four Reasons You Need A Mentor

Specialized teachers, coaches, teammates, counselors, parents and friends surround you. During your career, you still need a support system.

MENTOR (noun): a trusted counselor or guide

You don’t learn to walk on your own; you don’t just have one teacher in school to teach you everything you need to know. Specialized teachers, coaches, teammates, counselors, parents and friends surround you. During your career, you still need a support system.

Here are four reasons having a mentor will help you with your career. 

1. Knowledge & Experience

Some things you can’t just learn on your own. Most likely, the problem you are working on, someone has already had the experience of solving. Learn from the mistakes of someone else.  

“Turning your parts in, documenting what you did, and the process. Those are small tasks that are a huge part of your job. Those skills are acquired by working side-by-side with a mentor,” says Brian Friede, an instructor for FordTech’s ASSET program. 

Programs like FordTech’s ASSET program allow a student to alternate between the classroom and a dealership through a two-year program, while earning an associate’s degree. Enrolling in a high school or technical school auto program while gaining on-the-job experience is a great way to find a mentor.  

2. Networking

Your mentor might notice that you excel in a particular area. Personal growth and opportunity is a huge perk to having a mentor. Your mentor will know more people in the industry, have more connections and will help guide you in your career. 

3. Comfort Zone 

Mentors bring another perspective to the table. Not only can a mentor help you solve a problem, but he or she can also help you improve in areas where you might not see. 

Mentors help you grow; they offer insight into your strengths and where you can develop within your field. A mentor can help you expand out of your comfort zone. Work on a new and unfamiliar project without the stress of risking the quality of service. 

4. A Friend

A mentor also becomes an automatic friend. Mentors have more experience in the career world, but they also have more life experience. You may have had a rough day, and there is nothing better than a friend to help you through it, especially a friend who understands.

Looking for a mentor? Learn more and download a free roadmap to success from TechForce Foundation at

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