What To Expect On The Job -

What To Expect On The Job

Whether you are preparing to graduate or just looking for a summer internship, not knowing what to expect on the job can be scary and a little nerve-racking. The following are some tasks you may be expected to perform at work.


Collision Repair Technicians

Collision repair technicians at auto body repair shops, new car dealerships or custom refinishing businesses fix damaged bodies and body parts of vehicles such as cars, vans, trucks, buses, campers and trailers. This can include:

• Estimating the cost of a repair job
• Pounding out small dents
• Straightening bent or twisted frames
• Welding metal parts
• Removing parts to access the vehicle body and fenders
• Filling damaged areas with plastic body fillers or solder
• Filing, grinding, sanding and smoothing filled/repaired surfaces
• Refinishing with a primer coat
• Sanding and painting with a finish coat
• Aiming headlights
• Aligning wheels


Counter Person

The parts counter person sells parts to customers over the counter, on the phone or through the shop. This job entails:

• Assisting mechanics and customers in purchasing needs
• Reporting to the parts manager
• Tracking all incoming and outgoing parts
• Locating available parts when out of stock
• Handling parts payment collection
• Making sure all parts are billed correctly
• Packaging and shipping parts back to the manufacturer
• Completing appropriate record keeping
• Referring to parts manuals to identify right parts
• Providing delivery service orders using parts truck
• Using a computer to look up parts and billing them out


Automotive Technician

Automotive technicians and mechanics inspect, maintain and repair cars and light trucks. This position can include:

• Using shop equipment such as lifts and welders
• Diagnosing issues based upon experience, analysis and testing
• Maintaining leading-edge knowledge of technology and manuals
• Performing routine service inspections and tests
• Lubricating engines and other components
• Repairing vehicles that run on gasoline, electricity or other fuels
• Adapting to rapidly changing technologies
• Knowing and adhering to safety and environmental standards
• Leading or training other, less qualified technicians


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