Crossword Puzzle Winners Announced For August MindGames

Crossword Winners Announced For August MindGames

Down or across, the clues are clear. You have to complete the puzzle to have a chance at Crossword glory.

August is a melancholy month. Still summer, yet almost autumn. Still bright with memories of carefree summer vacations yet cloudy with nerves about going back to the structure of school. Just like our Crossword Puzzle. So many empty spaces yet only a limited number of letters available to fill them. As you fill in each line you draw nearer to the end…

Philosophical musings aside, August brings the last Blue Moon of summer, the Perseid Meteor Showers and the lucky winners of this month’s puzzle. Whether you’re a Leo or a Virgo, congratulations to all who entered; double congratulations to you lucky 10 who won a $10 McDonald’s Gift Card by being randomly selected.

Our winners are:

• Robert Johnson, Fred W. Eberle Tech Center, Buckhannon, WV
• Shanna Franklin, Tennessee College of Applied Technology, McKenzie, TN
• Daniel Fuller, Gateway Community College, Automotive, New Haven, CT
• Aaron Hicks, Arizona State University, Searcy, AZ
• Mark De La Vega, Lockport High School, Lockport, IL
• Christian Clark, Cuyahoga Valley Career Center, Brecksville, OH
• John Stratton, Oneida-Herkemer-Madison BOCES, New Hartford, NY
• Brian Kelly, Waltham Public Schools, Waltham, MA
• John Primpas, Minuteman High School, Lexington, MA
• Mike McCord, TCAT Jackson, Jackson, TN

How did they do it? Well, they took clues like these…

Some clues…
Some MORE clues

…and got these answers. Yeah, some of the clues were puzzlers but you all did a great job.

And the solution.

Congratulations! If you didn’t win this week, don’t worry. You still have a chance to win next week – just enter our Guess The Tool before midnight, August 20, 2023.

MindGames is a weekly series of interactive puzzles designed to sharpen your wits, fire the synapses and inspire creativity. New puzzles and activities will be posted regularly to help keep students engaged, connecting online and even have a chance to win some prizes. Solutions to the previous week’s puzzle and names of winners will be posted every week.

Chances of winning are dependent upon the number of correct entries received.

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