Turbocharged and Nitrous-Assisted 6.8L Cummins Engine

Turbocharged and Nitrous-Assisted 6.8L Cummins Engine

It's now back to the drawing board for this Diesel of the Week.

Courtesy of Engine Builder

If you follow Ryan Milliken and Hardway Performance on social media, you already know Ryan is a busy guy who gets to do some very cool things with diesel vehicles. Not only does he campaign his own Cummins-powered Chevy Nova with some great success, but he helps others reach new heights within the performance diesel world.

Most recently, Milliken got together with Rod MacMaster to bring something completely different to the PDRA’s WS Construction Pro Boost class. The pair have been hard at work getting a new Hardway Performance-tuned, Jerry Bickel Race Cars-built Corvette ready for Pro Boost action.

Where this car differs from every other car in Pro Boost is through its use of a 6.8L Cummins engine, machined and assembled by Freedom Racing Engines. Milliken’s exploits with his own small-tire diesel Nova and this platform include record-setting performances in the X275 class.

The Corvette’s Cummins engine features Wagler Competition billet connecting rods, a Wagler billet cylinder head, and Wagler’s billet cover front-and-center on the engine. Freedom Racing Engines spec’d Diamond custom pistons that absorb the hit from the 106mm Harts turbo, which is controlled by the first-ever high-pressure 60mm Turbosmart wastegate. Manton supplied a roller valvetrain for the engine and a fuel system from S&S Diesel Motorsport completes the package.

While the Harts turbo packs a punch, the Pro Boost class also allows nitrous, so of course this 6.8L Cummins is also sporting nitrous courtesy of David Vasser from Nitrous Outlet. He whipped up a six-kit array for MacMaster and his turbocharged six-cylinder diesel. A Suncoast torque converter works in conjunction with an M&M Transmission Turbo 400 unit and a custom torque converter dump system from Pete Harrell at Harrell Engine & Dyno.

The install of the engine and final fabrication were recently completed by Andrew Tovornik and the team at Midgets Diesel Performance in Davidson, NC, and Milliken handled the tuneup at the track, using his experience with his Nova to guide the program along.

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