TechForce Foundation Launches #BecauseImATech Campaign -

TechForce Foundation Launches #BecauseImATech Campaign

TechForce Foundation, has launched its "Because I’m a Tech" campaign (#becauseimatech) to educate teens and parents that there’s more than one road to success, and, that a technical education and career in America’s robust transportation industry is a viable pathway to a rewarding future. 


While Labor Day is meant to celebrate the social and economic achievements of American workers, the true meaning of the holiday is often overshadowed by barbecues, end-of-summer celebrations and preparing for a new school year.

To put the focus back on the American worker, TechForce Foundation, has launched its “Because I’m a Tech” campaign (#becauseimatech) to educate teens and parents that there’s more than one road to success, and, that a technical education and career in America’s robust transportation industry is a viable pathway to a rewarding future.

This Labor Day and beyond, TechForce will use the”Because I’m a Tech” campaign to re-engage and re-activate a growing segment of Americans who’ve become weary and afraid of the changing workforce landscape, especially as technologies such as automation and artificial intelligence become more prevalent and the costs of four year universities and financial aid turn higher education into a less viable option.

The obsolete view of yesterday’s transportation careers had typecast them as low-tech “blue collar” jobs. The reality is the mechanic has been replaced by a highly trained technician, and the profession has evolved to high-tech, “new collar” careers where smart and talented individuals can find economic stability and personal fulfillment.

Additionally, TechForce is working to shift the view of transportation careers from a low-tech “blue collar” job  to a high-tech “new collar” career as highly trained technicians take over the workforce.

The Because I’m a Tech campaign is designed to:

●      Connect students who are hands-on learners and problem-solvers, who love fixing and making things work, who have an affinity for computers, diagnostics and technology to an education and career that fits them;

●    Teach parents and their teens about the social and economic achievements that can await them by pursuing a technical education and career as a professional, trained technician;

●      Ease fears and help parents and influencers understand how and why these careers are no longer considered “blue collar,” but rather “new collar”;

●      Show that technicians are not being replaced by automation and technology, but rather advanced by it;

●      Let them see firsthand how real people are building rich and fulfilling lives BECAUSE THEY ARE TECHSVideos at

●      Demonstrate exactly where and how to start one’s own journey down this promising path by providing an actual “roadmap” to success. Downloadable maps at

“Today’s techs are well paid, highly skilled, hands-on problem solvers who are not burdened by massive school debt like their four-year school counterparts,” said Jennifer Maher, CEO/executive director of TechForce. “As we change the outdated image of this profession, we can get more students interested in becoming technicians.”

For more information on the Because I’m a Tech campaign, visit

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