Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Bosch Team Up to Create ‘Performance Art’ -

Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Bosch Team Up to Create ‘Performance Art’

Using his race car as his paint brush, Falken Azenis RT615 tires as his paint, and the city streets of Los Angeles as his canvas, Vaughn left a unique pattern of tire marks, creating his performance art, titled “Abstract on Asphalt.”

BROADVIEW, IL —  Vaughn Gittin Jr. is not only a two-time D1 Grand Prix world champion in Drifting, he is a seasoned artist as well.

Vaughn recently teamed up with Bosch to stage a one-of-kind event to drift his Bosch-sparked and fuel injected 650-horsepower Ford Racing Mustang through a closed course in downtown Los Angeles. Using his race car as his paint brush, Falken Azenis RT615 tires as his paint, and the city streets of Los Angeles as his canvas, Vaughn left a unique pattern of tire marks, creating his performance art, titled “Abstract on Asphalt.”

“This is one more way Vaughn and his larger-than-life persona have attracted many fans to the sport of drifting,” said Pam Krebs, Director of Advertising and Sales Promotion for Bosch. “Whether performing his drifting art on the streets of Los Angeles or tearing up the tracks from Long Beach to Tokyo, Vaughn uses performance parts that provide the consistent power he needs to compete – and win – in every venue.”

Gittin’s “Abstract on Asphalt” performance art is part of a new campaign for Bosch spark plugs. The campaign, which includes special consumer promotions, a “Making of Performance Art” video and the full-length “Performance Art” video, along with a host of other drifting-related content is showcased at the Bosch micro site

“The alliance between Bosch and Gittin helps Bosch demonstrate that Bosch parts offer superior performance for all makes and models in all kinds of driving conditions,” said Krebs. Gittin’s Ford Mustang runs Bosch Platinum Ir Fusion multi-electrode spark plugs, Bosch performance fuel injectors and the Bosch ALRACE1 lightweight motorsports alternator.

“I’m excited that Bosch has looked at drifting more deeply than just considering the competitive element. Drifting, like many action sports, is truly an expression of personality and style, and to many it is a form of art. Bosch has taken the initiative to highlight these facts on a large scale.,” he said.

“I’m looking forward to expressing my style and personality while leaving my mark on city streets. Leave it to Bosch to be so innovative and put on such a monumental event in order to share with everyone within a few blocks, as well as the rest of the world, the amazing power of its spark plugs and other products,” said Gittin.

Components Key to Performance
Bosch Platinum Ir Fusion combines an iridium and platinum center electrode with Bosch’s exclusive surface air gap technology and four Yttrium-enhanced ground electrodes to deliver the most powerful spark available. Fusion’s fused fine wire center electrode design provides the best self-cleaning properties, better heat dissipation, and lower, more stable ignition voltage requirements.

The plug’s exclusive surface air gap design delivers a longer, more powerful spark versus conventional J-gap electrode designs. It provides optimal access to the air-fuel mixture and delivers the most efficient fuel combustion for optimum horsepower.

Bosch’s strong, light and durable ‘ALRACE1’ motorsports alternator supplies ample electrical power for performance vehicles, yet saves on weight. The ALRACE1 minimizes heat, provides strong performance and durability, and utilizes two internal fans and a case designed to promote air circulation for cooling. The fans and case work in concert to dramatically lower component heat, and the ALRACE1 weighs in at a light seven pounds.

Bosch’s recently introduced high flow performance fuel injectors are based on the latest generation of Bosch multi-port EV14 injectors, and are designed to provide improved performance and power.

“Bosch performance fuel injectors provide a greater fuel dynamic flow range and refined spray pattern for improved fuel atomization and mixture combustion, and are perfect for extracting maximum power from a performance engine. They are ‘over molded’ to form a one-piece injector with no internal seals or seams that could leak. The injector is lighter, more compact with fewer parts, easy to install, and strong and durable. The molded plastic shell eliminates exposed metal parts, preventing corrosion,” Krebs said

Ten Bosch part numbers will be available with various flow and pressure characteristics.

Drifting Demands Parts that Perform
“Drifting cars take a pounding during the course of a race. Engines are under an incredible amount of stress and run at extremely high RPMs. There’s a lot of accelerating and decelerating and the spark plugs and fuel injectors not only need to be able to take the beating, but also perform optimally under this intense pressure. Bosch spark plugs and fuel injectors are engineered to give the driver clean, efficient performance in even the most severe driving conditions,” Bosch Motorsports Manager Wolfgang Hustedt noted.

“Bosch’s partnership with Drifting World Champion Gittin illustrates Bosch’s longstanding commitment to all types of motorsports,” notes Hustedt. “We not only engineer our plugs to outperform any other plug, we engineer them to win on the track. That’s the kind of commitment we make to our drivers and their cars.”

“For years, we have been the supplier of choice for spark plugs, fuel pumps, alternators, starters and electronic engine management systems for American and Japanese power plants including GM, Chrysler, Nissan, Honda and Toyota in various forms of racing, including sports car racing, Indy racing and NASCAR. In fact Toyota earned its very first NASCAR win running on Bosch spark plugs. This same kind of Bosch product technology proven on-track in these racing platforms is enthusiastically applied to Drifting,” Hustedt said.

Bosch sees its involvement in the drifting scene as a great way to engage with a younger audience. “Young car enthusiasts want the best possible components for their cars and Bosch high performance spark plugs and other parts are a perfect fit for these young consumers.” Hustedt noted.

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