November 2016 Crossword Puzzle
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November 2016 Crossword Puzzle


© Murray Jackson



1. Valvetrain part, perhaps
5. Groovy tire surface
8. Alternator’s one-way electrical device
9. Technician’s wiper (4, 3)
10. Small, round paint blemish, slangily
11. “Pink Cadillac” singer Springsteen
12. Sends car to junkyard
15. Check fluid ____, routine maintenance
17. E on fuel gauge
18. State Farm or Allstate
21. Certain paints
22. Old-is-new styling description, e.g. Beetle
24. Cylinder capacity, a.k.a. ____ volume
25. Overhead option, often

1. Disc brake component
2. Drum brake components
3. Trailer hitch brand
4. Recessed-center wheel  description
5. OBD output, ____ code
6. Mid-trip, for example (2, 5)
7. Parts cleaning liquid
10. Nuts, bolts, screws, etc.
13. Second R in repair order’s R&R
14. Car owner’s monthly obligation, often
16. Intermittent ignition failures
19. Clear-the-road sound
20. Relationship between gears
23. Ignition switch position


Numbers in parenthesis indicate answers that have multiple words; the numeral represents the number of letters per word.

Solution can be found at in the Teacher Login area.

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